In-mold Labels - IML

In-mould label is a label, which is moulded into the container in the process of its production. In-mould technology is based on the composition of two processes of injection-moulding of plastic package and labeling. For the purpose of moulding into container or cover, the prepared label is first put into the mould and after injection of melted polymer joints the container. The label and container are made of compatible materials, and they become a single unit.

Peshta produces in-mould labels for tare under the several technologies:
Labels are applied on lower and lateral surfaces of plastic containes of different forms - with rectangular, round or oval section, as well as on covers. In case of labeling of package covers and bottoms, label can cover the whole surface or its part. Simultaneous application of two separate labels on container is also possible: one on the bottom, the other – on the lateral surface.

Peshta produces in-mould labels using web-printing presses and cutting machines. Printing inks are compatible with the printed material and have have an certificate confirming their safety. In comparison with application of labels on ready-made plastic packages, in-mould labeling allows to reduce production cycle and cost and to achieve total visual unity of the label and the package.

In-mould labels have lots of advantages:

  • Thanks to high quality of printing, the image on labels is bright and rich.

  • The whole surface of plastic containers is decorated by one label.

  • In case of temperature change or moisture the label is not stretched, shrinked, and does not crack or form creases.

  • Production process time and cost are reduced

  • Containers with in-mould labels preserve the environment, because they are produced of compatible materials and are fully recyclable.