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artwork I: General
Chap. I. The that means of overall healthiness 9
Chap. II. The Human physique 11
Chap. III. Air 14
Chap. IV. Water 25
Chap. V. meals 29
Chap. VI.

How a lot and the way time and again should still we eat?
Chap. VII. workout 59
Chap. VIII. costume 64
Chap. IX. Sexual kinfolk 69
Part II: a few easy Treatments
Chap. I. Air therapy 83
Chap. II. Water remedy 86
Chap. III. using Earth 95
Chap. IV. Fever and its therapies 98
Chap. V. Constipation, Dysentery, and so on. 101
[Pg vi] Chap. VI. Contagious ailments Smallpox 104
Chap. VII. different Contagious illnesses 112
Chap. VIII. Maternity and Child-Birth 117
Chap. IX. Care of kid 121
Chap. X. injuries —Drowning 127
Chap. XI. Do —Burns and Scalds 130
Chap. XII. Do —Snake chew 132
Chap. XIII. Do —Scorpion-sting, and so forth. 140
Chap. XIV. end 142

Chapter I
THE that means OF HEALTH

Ordinarily that guy is taken into account fit who eats good and strikes approximately, and doesn't lodge to a physician. yet a bit notion will persuade us that this concept is incorrect. there are lots of circumstances of fellows being diseased, even with their consuming good and freely relocating approximately. they're below the myth that they're fit, just because they're too detached to consider the matter.

In truth, completely fit males not often exist at any place over this large world.

As has been good stated, in simple terms that guy should be stated to be rather fit, who has a legitimate brain in a valid physique. The relation among the physique and the brain is so intimate that, if both of them acquired out of order, the complete approach could endure. allow us to take the analogy of the rose-flower. Its color stands to its body spray within the similar method because the physique [Pg 10] to the brain or the soul. not anyone regards a man-made paper-flower as a enough alternative for the average flower, for the most obvious cause that the perfume, which kinds the essence of the flower, can't be reproduced. So too, we instinctively honour the guy of a natural brain and a noble personality instead of the fellow who's basically bodily robust. after all, the physique and the soul are either crucial, however the latter is much extra very important than the previous. No guy whose personality isn't natural may be acknowledged to be quite fit. The physique which incorporates a diseased brain can by no means be something yet diseased. consequently it follows natural personality is the basis of well-being within the actual experience of the time period; and we could say that each one evil recommendations and evil passions are yet diverse types of disease.

Thus thought of, we may possibly finish that that guy by myself is completely fit whose physique is easily shaped, whose the teeth in addition to eyes and ears are in fine condition, whose nostril is unfastened from soiled subject, whose pores and skin exudes perspiration freely and with none undesirable odor, whose mouth is usually unfastened from undesirable smells, whose fingers and legs practice their responsibility competently, who's neither too fats nor too skinny, and whose brain and senses are always below his keep an eye on. As has already been acknowledged, it's very challenging to realize such healthiness, however it is tougher [Pg eleven] nonetheless to maintain it, while as soon as it's been got. the manager it's because we're not actually fit is that our mom and dad weren't. An eminent author has stated that, if the fogeys are in completely fine condition their young ones will surely be more advantageous to them in all respects. a superbly fit guy has no cause to worry dying; our negative worry of demise indicates that we're faraway from being so fit. it's, despite the fact that, the transparent responsibility of we all to try for ideal wellbeing and fitness. we are going to, for this reason, continue to think about within the following pages how such well-being will be attained, and the way, while as soon as attained, it could actually even be retained for ever.

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